another X-Ray, lots of pins and screws, 2 plates
another X-Ray, lots of pins and screws, 2 plates
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clean_in_ks, Aug 22, 2014
We should compare our "artwork" Miss Rissa.  I have rods and screws in mine...hahaha!  Did you or are you wearing a bone stimulator?  What's the surgeon say after looking at your latest xrays?  Is he/she happy with his/her work?
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atthebeach, Aug 22, 2014 you set the metal detector off in the airport? hehe.
ouch my friend, how are you healing almost 8 months out?
I hope and pray you are well.
hugs, Debbie
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Sonrissa, Aug 22, 2014
I am healing. Still have numbness in my foot, but it's slowly coming back.  Pain isn't too bad any more, just achy.  It's weird cause I can feel the plate and screws when I touch my leg. Kinda creepy.

Debbie, I haven't been on a plane yet or through any metal detectors.  I wonder if I will set them off?
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clean_in_ks, Aug 22, 2014
I haven't been thru a metal detector yet either, Miss Rissa, but my surgeon told me the titanium bars and screws wouldn't set one off.  I hope to test that one day...the ocean is calling my name~
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atthebeach, Aug 22, 2014
glad to hear the pain has subsided. that's a great thing.
yes the feeling in your foot will continue to come back.
ewww.........I bet it feels creepy.
you are making awesome progress.  
prayers for continued healing.
much love.
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spider6, Aug 26, 2014
Holy hells bells .....!!!  Man you guys!!   You all be like fukkin bionic women!  I should be ashamed of myself!  Do I even really know what real pain is?  Bless you and prayers !!  (As if you need it,....Cheese probably calls you for an extra "shoulder" sonrissa.  Thank you for your support , really mean that. xo
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Sonrissa, Aug 26, 2014
Ha Spider!  You make me laugh, and I've discovered through this process that laughter and friendship are better than any pain pill I ever took.  Congrats on your year, dear lady.  You, are the Bionic woman!
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IBKleen, Aug 27, 2014
HOLY CRAP girl..I would be afraid of getting struck by lightening!!!!!!!!!!
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dominosarah, Aug 28, 2014
It looks like a centipede with its butt in the air!!!  I had to tell myself that so i didnt get dizzy and pass out!!  lol
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msdelight, Oct 09, 2014
OMG how did I miss this!  Another plate and you got yourself a baseball team! This here is the real meaning of being screwed!