Nighteyes.  She's such a pretty girl!
Nighteyes.  She's such a pretty girl!
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PrettyKitty1, Nov 27, 2008
Nighteyes is very cute! I had a black kitty just like Nighteyes. I love black cats.  :)
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April2, Nov 27, 2008
Me too! My mom has a Burmese cat and she's so pretty. She's real sweet too and talks a lot! The cat not my mom, lol. Well,
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Mrs_Savas, Nov 27, 2008
Thanks, guys!  I'll tell her you said so.  Although maybe I shouldn't - she already has too high an opinion of herself!!  She's very sweet and cuddly, especially at night when she sleeps on my pillow or tucked under my arm.   She's getting a little fat, though :)
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PrettyKitty1, Nov 28, 2008
I know. It's not very good when they're fat, but don't they look cute with all that extra fat hanging down their...bellies? almost reaching the floor? They look like miniature cows heh heh unhealthy, yet so funny...
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Mrs_Savas, Nov 29, 2008
Yes, I agree.  Sigh... it is awfully cute and I always feel mean putting them on diets or giving them supplements that they don't like!

They give me such resentful looks!!

It funny, the picture of the orange cat that I have on my profile - he looks so skinny in that picture but in reality he's our fattest cat.  It must have been the angle, kind of like shooting models for fashion magazines :)
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PrettyKitty1, Nov 29, 2008
I bet he positioned himself that way so that the photo would come out as him being a skinny fella. He knows he is a supermodel. I know what you mean about resentful looks..I have a cat on meds!!When you find a diet that works let me know!!! lol