me and dave
me and dave
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LIZZIE LOU, Mar 25, 2008
YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
52704 tn?1387020797
CATUF, Mar 25, 2008
is this really you?
i thought you were a nurse . . .
this is clearly a picture of a fashion model.
390416 tn?1275185087
toxictome, Mar 26, 2008
DEVIL..that's prol' about right!!!  LOL...
Washington here we commeeeeeeee...
No, seriously ..nice pic!!!
387057 tn?1326768985
misstheoldher, Mar 27, 2008
SEXY MAMA!!!! =)
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skitz758, Mar 30, 2008
dave matthews hhuh
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5ht, Apr 06, 2008
i am new to this site...i am a recovering addict...i am also a pharmacist...i would be happy to help you any way i seem like a natural leader!
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mimi1313, Aug 18, 2008
That is a great picture, you are so pretty!
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tanja1975, Sep 26, 2008
You are a very beautiful lady inside and out!
710088 tn?1229224075
Morphed, Dec 13, 2008
Hey, your kinda cute.... *smile*  
But did you know if your not a Gator, your Gatorbait .... ??
Your boy won the Heisman, now he's got a target on his back
for the Championship game .....ahhhh at least he got the Heisman ....
and by the way, remember this.......
45-35 .  Never Forget.