Scotty 7 mos. sober
Scotty 7 mos. sober
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kayla276, Dec 06, 2008
ahhhh  your dogs are so cute,  I have 4 dogs all rescues.   As soon as I read the directions to my new camera i'm going to take some pics and down load them and put on my profile.   as soon as I seen the pics of the dogs I had to tell you how cute they are.  

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10356, Dec 09, 2008
Look at you Scotty.. You look great.. Congrat on 7 mo..
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drifter0213, Dec 10, 2008
thank you lesa
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HR_PuffnStuff, Jan 19, 2009
That is a nice Cowboy jersey. It's unique....where did you get it?
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drifter0213, Jan 19, 2009
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Ranaesheart, Feb 14, 2009
Whooo Hoooo .. 7 months and counting!  Great job!  Congratulations!
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NautyOne, Feb 14, 2009
Love the pearl necklace.  Can I have one......lmao!!!!~~~~Nauty
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fluffypurrcat, Feb 23, 2009
congrats on the sobriety. You look healthier here then the last photo I commented on ( black and white photo where you have shirt with skulls on) You also look happier. My son is in a clean and sober house and he is two weeks short of his first year of sobriety. It is a never ending battle day by day. I will pray you keep your strength and stay sober. You have a lot of friends out here rooting for you so keep on truckin and doing what ever it is that is keeping you on the strainght and narrow. Way to go!
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Mjthewritermom, May 10, 2009
Congrats on making it this far with each step and all that included!!!!  
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twibby5257, Jul 28, 2010
CONGRATULATIONS!! THAT'S AWESOME!! i know how hard you must have worked. remember 2morroe is a new day clean. i am proud of you. best wishes. you are in my prayers.