Time from First Symptom to MS Diagnosis (12/13/08)
Time from First Symptom to MS Diagnosis (12/13/08)
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terrics, Jan 02, 2009
I had a loss of balance in my 20s and my balance never got back to 100%.  At the time I went to family doc said don'r\t worry.  2 and1/2 yrs ago My balance got worse.  I fell down the stairs x3.and fell many other times.  i went to neurologist beause pcp sent me.  MRI white matter lesions of brain, not spinal, neg L.P.  abnormal ver x2  For awhile I had alot of symptoms, week legs, tremors and hyperreflexia.  I am 58.  1 neuro said I have M.S. 2 said no.  If I have it I guess I'd be in the 3 %.  All my symptoms are gone except some vision and the balance thing.  Where did you get the circle?  If it's true, it's surprising

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shoshin, Jan 03, 2009
The circle is out of context now and certainly does not represent a scientific survey in any way. It's based on a set of questions that Quix asked ("Who is diagnosed?") that used to be pinned to the top of the forum (see http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/697976). It represents the responses (though December 13 as best I could interpret them) of the forum members who have been diagnosed with MS. The charts will probably make a lot more sense if you look at the thread where I discuss how I made them at http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/711754.

PS I was surprised by how quickly most people were dx'd, too. It's certainly not the impression you'd get reading this forum, but the forum probably is skewed. I would be interested to find out if someone has done a more random, rigorous survey on this topic or if anyone has any more comprehensive stats.