10 dpo  ~ 1 hour after testing
10 dpo  ~ 1 hour after testing
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cure65roses, Jan 05, 2009
It was BFN at first.  Then as I was getting ready for work, I glanced at it like an hour after I took it and you can definitely see a second line.  Does anybody else see it?  The box says results after 10 minutes are invalid.  Ugh...........  so frustrating.  
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Cill190, Jan 05, 2009
Yea I see the line. I would most certainly not get too excited and just test in 2 days. If period hasn't arrived and you test and then see another line your chances are much better of being accurate than they are now. Best of luck!
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cure65roses, Jan 05, 2009
I always thought false positives were rare?  Yea, I'm definitely not counting on it to be +ive.  But this is so strange.  I don't have any pg symptoms either.
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kikicoates78, Jan 05, 2009
BUT it has color?? Weren't the others more grey?? AGG Go buy a FRER!!! LOL and you know how I love my $$tree tests! HEHEHE mean old things! I thought false positives were extremely rare. After 5 yrs of trying I never once got a second line, not even 2 days later. Very strange.
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bny807, Jan 06, 2009
OOO thats super obvious of a line!! As kikicoates said, get a FRER, i've never had anything false on those and it detected a beta of less than 15 on me once! keep us updated GOOD LUCK! : )