Getting Perturbed   July 29, 2015
Getting Perturbed   July 29, 2015
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slaytheday, Jul 29, 2015
Sookie, my beautiful dark calico kid.  She's the sweetest kitty in the world.  She's been mean to brother Spike as of late but he begs her to be.  Just sayin'.  Sometimes her eyes are a lovely green, sometimes they're bright yellow.  Sometimes they math the beige area on her neck.  Magic eyes.  My goal is to get a pic of her in the bright sunshine.  Her calico colors pop!  I love her dearly!
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Jade59, Aug 08, 2015
Ha, yes, I see the 'perturbed' ear and eye action.  Sookie is super cute, beautiful and darling!  Is she a small kitty or just the angle of the pic?  
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breezytoo, Aug 08, 2015
Haha poor Sookie, I too can see it in her eyes and even whiskers. I guess something was on her last nerve, hope she's much better now..and their mama too.
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slaytheday, Aug 11, 2015
To Jade & breezytoo:

  When Sookie was just a few months old I called her Sookie Cute Cubed (and made it into a song).  The 1st time I met her I held her in one hand & there was still room for a dance floor.  Yep, she's small to average size now.  It's so hard for me to tell because Spike is huge.  Sure he's a portly guy but he's long & tall.  

  Sook's a thinker and she plots her moves.  She's not one usually to go after Spike when he's been mean to her.  She's been known to wait weeks and then suddenly make her move.  She enjoys boggling his mind as much as running.over him.  Very smart cat.&
  Their mama kitty rules all of the cats and the big dog at my sister's.  It's really something to see.

  Thanks ladies for commenting on my daughter.  Thanks for letting a proud mama Melinda go on & on.

Blessings to you & yours.

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Jade59, Aug 30, 2015
You go on and on anytime, Melinda.  What a great writer you are, I truly enjoyed every word.