a rainbow
a rainbow
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nuredshuz, Jan 22, 2009
that actually looks like it was a double, I think I can see a very faint one above the bright one...cool!!
707438 tn?1240959640
frustrated431, Jan 22, 2009
you know what? i never noticed that before. thanx for pointing it out....
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teko, Jan 22, 2009
I have heard that a rainbow is a reminder of Gods promise to man that he will never again destroy the earth with water. It is beautiful, thanks for sharing!
707438 tn?1240959640
frustrated431, Jan 22, 2009
I never heard that one before its a beautiful saying and we all could learn from that thank you for the wonderful new info
687614 tn?1244197979
dancingheart, Jan 24, 2009
I love rainbows, a promise that that the sad rough dreary times won't last forever.  After the storm comes the calm...I, myself, am just learning patience.  Thank you for sharing this picture.
707438 tn?1240959640
frustrated431, Jan 24, 2009
and thank yoiu for your insight on what it means i completely agree with you
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star641, Jan 31, 2009
i love rainbows ,....im from Ireland and we get them a lot over here ,.
we say at the end of the rainbow there is a pot of gold ,.but Ive never found it ,.lol......
707438 tn?1240959640
frustrated431, Jan 31, 2009
ahh darn i was hoping you would say you found one now i gotta stop looking???????
365714 tn?1292199108
MJIthewriter, Feb 20, 2009
I love storms and rainbows.  Two very pretty things.  To me it's a reminder that no matter how dark the storm may be, there is always hope. There is beauty, even in the midst of the storm.