me and audi
me and audi
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jazzmowsky, Feb 05, 2009
Bruce Willis eat your heart out !  ( you look like him you know )  Best wishes Shawn, gorgeous photo's. Best wishes. Julie.
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Docshawn, Feb 05, 2009
Thanks for the compliment and the self-compliment, as long as we're talking about us and not the quality of the photo lol.  As a psychologist there is a concept bias of beauty, so the on the surface really pretty girls in say school never date because everyone thinks it no chance or that others try to subvert them because of it - I'm glad to say while I'm happy for my kids good looks, they are truly wonderful nurturing, supportive, and just downright great people to be around (they are suns for me and others) - the really good thing is we talk about everything, ya everything and its hard when e.g., my 18 starting dating, Its hard for a lot of people to get beyond the surface and it saddens me - all the media today makes you think your supposed to be tall, size 0, etc while just centuries ago like in monets volupuious was in - anyway I'm rambling as I'm feeling a little better today - we all judge etc even if we say we don't, we all have biases and bents, we all think we know what others mean when even if we use a simple phrase like I golf a lot it might mean everday to me and 4 times a year to you -  my girls are wonderful and happy in their skin even though they've had to listen to my rambles.  We're not always going to agree and thats fine, and so this ramble you can recycle, like my kids do often :) Man, everything is so relative, and maybe I should say ohh women for equity - I could be considered a ?hypocrite cause at times I forgot (I had a very tough early life and sometimes think that it would be good for all to experience a few days in jail/etc to learn to appreciate the little things and stop sweating what we cant control - sorry, done rambling but its what I used to do and I appreciate that we've started talking I feel a strong heart at list figuratively.  P.s. shouldve seen me with my robert plant hair days lol