Shoreline Ghosts
Shoreline Ghosts
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sunset555, Apr 04, 2008
Jesus Erin, you are a true artist, I have never seen anything so good in all my life, you are truelly talented, you could sell these pictures, they are fantastic, I have to say I am absolutely, speechless!!!
432009 tn?1304749841
xanweaner, Apr 04, 2008
Erin-----wowow!! Love it - is it a water color? Didn't know you were so talented!!
420281 tn?1204647504
crumy, Apr 06, 2008
erin, just checked out your watercolor picture, absolutely beautiful, how wonderful it is that you have a hobby, which probably gives you much relaxation, you should certainly sell your pictures if they are all as great as this one.

242912 tn?1402543492
Jade59, Apr 06, 2008
This is gorgeous Erin.  I LOVE the colors.  Do you have any more?  I would like to see EVERTHING!!
459689 tn?1276570143
kcdem, Apr 13, 2008
erin, great artwork I never even clicked on them as i thought they were photographs. You are very good.
200828 tn?1209917975
Raine9, Apr 13, 2008
Wow, didn't realize that you had your art posted in your profile.  Yeah, I totally agree with all of the above comments.  You're very talented.  I bought an oil painting at an auction a few weeks ago that wasn't nearly as good as your work.  Thanks for sh