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Belle313, Jul 11, 2016
I like Shannon :)
I've been wanting to go back to punky colors again.
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Shannon79, Jul 11, 2016
Thanks E! I've been wanting to do something funky for a long time, and I finally got brave enough to do it. Hubby sure got a surprise when he came home from work one day lol
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Belle313, Jul 11, 2016
Unfortunately my husband isn't surprised by my hair color choices anymore. I still want to go lilac but now that my hair is so dark I will need about 4 appointments that are 3-4 hours long to bleach it out to platinum to get pastel colors.  I like the dark purple on you. It looks nice with your top:)
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Risa615, Jul 12, 2016
Cute pic of purple hair!
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Shannon79, Jul 12, 2016
Thanks E. Haha yeah I didn't think about the shirt until someone said it matched my hair. I used Splat hair colour. It's really messy! I saw those pastel colours when I was looking at the splat. But I didn't think they would look very good on me. Plus the roots peeking out when my hair grows would look terrible.

Thanks Risa:-)
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Hollus, Jul 31, 2016
Looking good and again, love the hair!!  :-)
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Shannon79, Aug 02, 2016
Thanks hollus!
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mhv, Nov 30, 2017
i love the hair!!!