HectorSF Tribute page 1
HectorSF Tribute page 1
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PaulaAnn, Aug 28, 2016
A wonderful photo of Hector....he was truly a gentleman...and so caring for others.  I thought of him as having an ipad or computer next to the bed in case someone needed a question answered at 3 am.   He would be there to answer it without making it short and would give great advice.  He didnt mince words but always left us with hope and the knowledge that we can get thru this...and to enjoy each and every day you are given.  

Thank you Hector..our dear Howie....you are one person I will always remember as a kind, caring, loving human being who just wanted to help others live with their cirrhosis, hep diagnosis.  Just like you did.  Wish I would have met you to tell you thank you for taking the time for little ole' me.  

Your spirit will live on and on.  You will be deeply missed...  

Thank you friend...thank you for helping a petrified lady with cirrhosis (had no clue) realize that I wasn't alone.  

So....love love and prayers....Hugs In Heaven.  

Paula in Ohio
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Dee1956, Aug 29, 2016
This is very nice! Thank you so much for sharing, I appreciate very much!!