Great Flood of 2016
Great Flood of 2016
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desrt, Sep 17, 2016
Didn't realize you were hit. Hope things get repaired/replaced quickly. Take care.
317787 tn?1473358451
Dee1956, Sep 17, 2016
Oh my GOD! Ricky is this your home?  Either way I am so very sorry.
206807 tn?1331936184
R Glass, Oct 07, 2016
All we lost was my wife’s car.
Through it all, I have grown to hate the media. Our local media chose to stir the pot and to me, were the main culprits in the rioting causing the assignations of 3 Law Enforcement Officers. They could helped calming things down, but I guess there’s no story in that. Even when BLM & The New Black Panthers came to town they where blowing up their *****. It wasn’t until the 3 officers were assonated and the Black Community rising up and tell the blm and black panthers to leave did the local media start telling the truth. Then the flood came. The Cajun Navy assembled and came to the rescue. There was no skin color just everyone helping. Not one blm or b. panther was seen helping anyone.
I think it must have set back my recovery about 6 months. I think everything was too much for my brain to process so it went in Safe Mode.