New kid in town
New kid in town
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AnnieBrooke, Jul 01, 2019
Went to get pet food and they were having a "puppy event" featuring rescue dogs. So, now we have a second dog. :) Coco will have to lay down the law early -- even now, they weigh the same and the puppy is only 11 weeks old.
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Barb135, Jul 02, 2019
Oh, how cute... looking at that foot, it looks like it might get a little larger.  :-)  S/he looks quite alert and adoring.  What breed is it?
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AnnieBrooke, Jul 02, 2019
Not known. I'd guess a cross between something in the larger terriers and maybe Lab, Rhodesian Ridgeback, and/or Boxer. People keep guessing mastiff by the color, but I don't think so, her feet are big but not that big, and her face is not that wide. They say at week 16, dogs are half the size they are going to be, and she'll reach that point at the end of July, maybe giving us more clues. (If we are really curious, the vet can send in a DNA test.) She and her littermates were dropped at the shelter in a cardboard box at one week old, meaning definitely not purebred.

She's a smart and thoughtful girl. A foster volunteer bottle-fed them all, which is not only impressive, but also has resulted in a dog very socialized to people, and who will probably expect to be a lap dog even when she weighs 50 or 60 pounds. Coco is not charmed yet, but they slept in side-by-side doghouses in an enclosure at the farm the last two nights with no bratty barking or whining, so even Coco must see the value in no longer being asked to sleep in the garage by herself.
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AnnieBrooke, Aug 02, 2019
DNA test says American Staffordshire terrier, German Shepherd, Lab and -- wait for it -- Shar-Pei. Who knew!?!
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specialmom, Sep 24, 2019
AAAAhhhhhhhh!!  Love it.  And a puppy!  You are brave . . . new house, new dog to train. :>))  But I so love a puppy and She is adorable!!!  LOVE.  HER.  Coco will become used to her and they will be pals, I'm sure.  How old is Coco?
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AnnieBrooke, Sep 24, 2019
Coco is 7. When we got the new girl, she and Coco were the same size. Ha! ha! ha! Now she's is twice her height and three times her weight. Coco is keeping her composure with the change -- she likes the company, doesn't like the romping in her face. lol

Pup's named Delphie.  :) We adore her.
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dominosarah, Sep 25, 2019
Ohhh look at that face, those feet.....Way to cute!!

Remember when i referenced my butt to a Shar-Pei!!! lol
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AnnieBrooke, Feb 13, 2020
Well, if your butt is as pretty as Delphie, you're doing OK. :)
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dominosarah, Feb 18, 2020
I think her butt wins!!!  Any new pics on her?  I just want to pet the picture
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AnnieBrooke, Feb 19, 2020
I'll see if I can load some tomorrow. Her ears stand up now (I'm kind of sorry, I liked them down) but she is beautiful. She even has cute round, matched swirls on her butt!