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bny807, Apr 24, 2009
They are thinking he/she is a she!!!! we should know for sure in 2 weeks, but they placed bets on a girl at the dr's office! we just want a healthy baby!!!
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blessedmomof3, Apr 24, 2009
How great!!! Huge Congrats!!! (((HUGS)))
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hazleyez, Apr 24, 2009
too sweet. Congrats :0)
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mommica, Apr 24, 2009
amazing, congrats! :)
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Helen72, Apr 24, 2009
Hmm, do not see any male parts...  How do you feel about color pink??
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Kimmy9093, Apr 25, 2009

CONGRATS, you're on your way!
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bny807, Apr 26, 2009
haha, thanks! I know we had a boy name all picked out, but girl names are much harder! : )  so thankful for every second!
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kikicoates78, May 02, 2009
I was just gonna comment "looks" like a girl! Congrats dear, and ((BIG HUGS)) you are SO deserving :)
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scorpiogirl32, Jul 14, 2009
how far along were you at this ultrasound im going for one when ill be 13 weeks im having twins and im super eager to find out do you think maby thay could tell????????congrats on your girl
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bny807, Jul 15, 2009
thanks!! i think i was actually around 13 weeks too!!! and we have confirmed she is a girl! :)   we had this sono at 13 weeks, and another at 15 i believe.. still looked like a girl, and confirmed at 19 !: )    good luck!!!!