presley& simba
presley& simba
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sk123, May 19, 2009
Very cute and very big! Love the name simba too.
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10356, May 23, 2009
Simba and Pressly !! I love this photo... They are so big they must of squeezed Baily out lol Hope they got a good treat from Dad lol
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Dazon50, Jul 28, 2009
I just had to comment, belatedly,.....They are adorable!!!!!!!!!

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greeneyes16, Sep 10, 2009
TOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!
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jenq1973, Oct 02, 2009
Lovely picture they look like 2 cute dogs bless
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Holliee, Oct 04, 2009
tooooo cute I have a saint bernard and she is so much fun... I love big dogs
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Lucey12, Oct 09, 2009
I groomed a dog at work today names Simba. Bratty god though. Your dogs are so cute.
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goobers666, Oct 15, 2009
i want them!
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kitty51, Oct 22, 2009
they are simply gorgeous!!
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lovemykids465, Oct 24, 2009
They are beautiful! Mans best friend truly!