bathtub rock garden
bathtub rock garden
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Cherie762, Jul 19, 2009
very pretty
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margypops, Dec 19, 2009
I too love rocks, I forage around looking for intersting ones, and I lay them out in my patio for folks to exclaim over them ...
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iam1butterfly, Dec 19, 2009
My hunky guy finds those rocks along the beach and gives them to me. It's as good as getting flowers... well, almost!
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ginger899, Dec 29, 2009
It's amazing how the sea has shaped these rocks
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Jade59, Dec 29, 2009 it!  My husband brings home interesting rocks too.  They are either from hiking or the bottom of the ocean off Catalina.  They are all on our porch too, Margy.  I'll maybe take a pic and post it...
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iam1butterfly, Dec 29, 2009
Each one of these rocks has at least one perfectly round hole that goes straight through it!
I'm not sure how those holes are formed... my boyfriend thinks that some kind of sea organism
bores the holes. Anyway, I'll have to take a close up picture and post it.
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margypops, Dec 30, 2009
Tell you where you get really interesting ones aswell in the ocean when I lived in Florida there wre really wonderful rocks and coral, I would collect piles then expect the DH to let me pack them all on our return here to CA..I live near an Indian resevation, and there is a wild life park, just leftas it always was,  with trails , the rocks and treasures I find there , unbelievable .
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2hot2cold2old, Dec 30, 2009
How cool! Very much like a Zen garden. Neat place to sit & try to center & find some kind of peace. Beautiful.