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luxe29, May 27, 2009
soooo pretty.
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Janicaa, May 27, 2009
Yeah shes the apple of my eye and the apple don't fall far from the tree...She's a old spirit at heart with a lot of hippie in her..
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alicat007, May 28, 2009
My daughter Lori who passed away a few years ago loved Sunflowers! She was blonde and Blue eyed so this really spoke to me~~Lori was a old soul~~isn't it wonderful to have someone around you like that you are blessed!
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Janicaa, May 29, 2009
She warms me with her humor and sparkles when she laughs, and she is so animated it's unreal. I am truly blessed with her indeed. She has more wisdom in a 12 year old body than I have at time in a 61 year old body.