Holly and Robbie
Holly and Robbie
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jeh57, Jun 08, 2009
They are so cute:) and yes.....they will have a pretty baby:) A Happy,Healthy Baby:)
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Cherie762, Jun 09, 2009
they kinda smile the same..they are so in love I hope they do get married in a few years..
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star641, Jun 10, 2009
ya Cherie they are a handsome couple they will have one good looking baby between them ,..
they are like two young film stars ;))))).........they look so happy ;)........
i remember when me and peter was young and happy like that ,.........
peter was very dark like your Robbie and i had the blond hair ;)).....
well good luck to them both on the safe journey of there new baby .........
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Cherie762, Jun 11, 2009
thank you Bernie,,I am as you know over the moon excited i cant wait to hold that baby..boy or girl dosnt matter..
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rebel5, Jun 14, 2009
They are a beautiful couple and they will make a gorgeous baby what a blessing for your family xoxoxo
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Cherie762, Jun 14, 2009
thank you Brooke , hollys really popping out now, shes about 19 weeks, teens tend to go a bit early so shes 1/2 way there Im gonna ask dr how much he thinks baby weighs on tues ultrasound,,,cant wait to buy the babys coming home outfit.
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margypops, Jun 14, 2009
My goodness cherie what a gorgeus couple does he take after you ?
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Cherie762, Jun 14, 2009
a bit he has my hair and eyes and his dads nose and thick brows.
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jeh57, Jun 19, 2009
Young love....................i remember it well:) Old love isn't to bad:( lol.........counting the days till baby boy is here:)
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GRose, Jun 20, 2009
I was thinking the same thing.....that is going to be one cute little boy!!