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saveone, Jun 11, 2009
You guys are a beautiful family but you can't see your little girls face
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Janette2836, Jun 11, 2009
She was having a melt down that day so not the best time for a pic  :(
648910 tn?1290663083
saveone, Jun 11, 2009
We all have those days.  They are what make us appreciate the other days.
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CheeserNurse, Jun 11, 2009
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Sarahsmom46, Jun 27, 2009
You guys look great and so does that waterfall in the background. Where was the picture taken?
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Lisa_32, Oct 21, 2009
Great photo of teh family, love teh water falls is that close to were you guy's live?
494672 tn?1254152672
Janette2836, Oct 22, 2009
Thanks Lisa!  It is actually by my in-laws which is about 8 hours away from us.  It was beautiful!!!