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New Mommy 2 Be 2007, Jun 18, 2009
ooooooooooo jennnnnnnyyy u had a boy! haha im so happy,thats awesome jameson will have a brother, ugh i want another one shh, dh will kill me! love your family your my idol love u take care let me know how everything went. god bless him hes gorgeous whats his name. so u got 4 girls and 4 boys yeahhhhh
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waitingwithhope, Jun 18, 2009
What a great family!! So evenly split too between the boys and the girls!! Congratulations!!!
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CYW, Jun 19, 2009
gorgeous family
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kellym, Jun 19, 2009
OH what a beautiful family!!
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lovethebops, Jun 19, 2009
WHat a great picture of your family!
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baboojamaica, Jun 19, 2009
You have an absolutely beautiful family- Congratulations!!!!
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mami1323, Jun 19, 2009
Just beautiful.  Your family is gorgeous and the little one is just as adorable as your other kids.
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mum2beagain, Jun 19, 2009
Great picture, congratulations on the new addition to your beautiful family.
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jenstam, Jun 19, 2009
4 boys and 4 girls. PERFECT!!
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pertykitty, Jun 19, 2009
your family is so beautiful, you all look so happy.  just perfect.