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lalapple, Jul 29, 2009
wow, what do you feed it?
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meakea, Jul 29, 2009
Hahaha...lots and lots of water and Miracle Grow for heavy blooms.  It took 120 plants to create this "flower tree."  It's been my therapy while on treatment.  Believe it or not it drinks water a lot like a person on treatment -- more,more and more water until it pees out the bottom holes.  :)
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Rockerforlife, Jul 31, 2009
She feed it people...remember that movie?
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comeagain, Aug 01, 2009
Your an artist!!
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charm27, Aug 01, 2009
That is unbelievable!
So perfect.-- How beautiful!!
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kickboxingmom, Aug 01, 2009
Also, your blu hosta is beautiful.I think that's what it is called.I only started my blu last season.It's still small.I'm with you, love my plants.   Tammy
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lalapple, Aug 07, 2009
goodness 120 plants in total?!  that takes some determination!  lol with the simile :)