My son - after 9 months.  So Proud!  Looking healthy and happy.
My son - after 9 months.  So Proud!  Looking healthy and happy.
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dominosarah, Aug 02, 2009
He wears sobriety well!!!  I can see why you are so proud!!!
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Maggie902, Aug 03, 2009
Thank you Sarah, I'm very grateful and didn't think I would see the day that he is better. But, it looks like it is now! I will put a photo back (I deleted it couple of weeks ago) so you can see where he's been ....  Have a great day.
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SophieShine, Aug 06, 2009
I love the tribal tats, you can tell him for me!!!
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Maggie902, Aug 06, 2009
He'll love that.
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Gerj, Aug 09, 2009
Thanx sarah-moms not so crazy about them so grateful for mom and the rest believing in me-helped me to start believing in myself-gave me a reason for living!
980243 tn?1249798948
Gerj, Aug 09, 2009
i mean sophie
940541 tn?1254463241
Maggie902, Aug 09, 2009
You are the best!