This is my new baby.  Well, new to me.  She has 12k miles, and is nearly a year old.
This is my new baby.  Well, new to me.  She has 12k miles, and is nearly a year old.
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Rena705, Aug 24, 2009
This is a lovely little car my dear and I hope you are happy with it.  You seem to be in good spirits and I am happy to see that you seem to have worked through your trials and tribulations and are moving on with life...good for you!
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boldsojah4christ, Aug 26, 2009
Is this a matrix! My wife owns a 06!!
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PastorDan, Aug 27, 2009
Very nearly, bs4c.  It's a Pontiac Vibe (an '09), which is mechanically a twin of the Matrix, though they were produced on different assembly lines.  The Vibe came from the NUMMI plant in Fremont, California, where they still make Corollas and Tundra pickups, I believe.  The last Vibe was to come off the line sometime this month, last I heard.  The Matrix is produced in Canada, from what I read.  Next door neighbor has an '03 Matrix; she loves it.
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Heather3418, Aug 27, 2009
It really is a sharp looking car, Dan.  I have always loved the color red, but now that I live on a grael road, it sure is hard to keep my red Ford Explorer clean.  Until I moved here in Charlottesville, VA., my Explorer always looked like it was off the show room floor and she's 13 years old now.  I love the Explorer, but time for a more fuel efficient car.  I'm very interested in the Nissan Maxima or Altima.  Great car, Dan.  She's a beauty.  Great Buy.  Congrats!