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It ruins many lives, I am sorry to say. People like me have had it for years I am so SORRY AS YOU ARE A YOUNG PERSON ...
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I am seeing a counsellor who is helping me with my worrying issues. Thkeep me awake at night. She told to make a worr...
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I HAVE BEEN ON CITALAPRAM FOR $ WEEKS AND NEED TO TAKE THEM FOR LONGER. I hav depression after having a stroke. For t...
Hello, i am new here too. I had a stroke 2 months ago I live in UK. You are experiencing problems a long time after ...
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Has anyone experienced bad depression after a stroke?
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I would like to know people's experience with this anti depressant please
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Please advise and give me good news
mine was four weeks ago. I am fighting back. Sorry about your mum
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have had depression for 30 years but it is worse after my stroke. I need to talk to people who understand
\I have lost my speech
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