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Thanks girls for the tips. Great link tutewidobaby!! I will try those tips. Wish me luck. I'm running on empty at da...
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Any news yet?
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Congrats on baby Avan. Hope your pain has subsided. I'm still getting uterus CV contractions 7 days after delivery so...
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Welcome baby Caleb to the world. You will be very much loved xx
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Huge congrats on the arrival of your little boy!!!
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My little girl Asha 7 days old has day and night confused. No matter what I do, including making it bright and noisy ...
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Raspberry leaf tea, walks, squats, cumin tea, hot curries! They worked for me only when bub was ready to come though....
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My due date is today and I have been counting down since 2 weeks ago. I have tried everything from sex, curries, rasp...
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So happy for you!! Can't wait to meet my little girl. My due date is today xx
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Good luck for the delivery xx
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