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I am also in Michigan- where are you at city wise? Around me there are quite a few facilities who will do a private u...
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I am scheduled starting next week to have one weekly along with NST's twice a week
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i eat it constantly but i have an iron problem- i am on a supplement for it
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I would call your doctor right away and ask them what to do- you dont want to risk infection to you or baby
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With my last pregnancy I worked until 2 days before my baby was born- definitely maximize your time with your little ...
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There are exercises you can do at home- Look it up on youtube- my baby was transverse as well a couple of weeks ago- ...
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I am 31 weeks with baby #4 and also having a tough time. Very emotional this time around and seem to get stressed ver...
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57 days left- but baby is measuring big so hopefully not as long
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I had mine done at 15 weeks and they could definitely tell =)
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Mine does that too- it just depends on baby's position
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