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i get cramps tool due june 26th. my doc says its just the start of braxton hicks which can begin as early as 7 weeks ...
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im due on the 26th too hehe. do you know what your having yet?
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due june 26 2016, baby #3
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how do you even add yourself to a forum? lol due june 26 2016 baby #3
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Congrats. I have two boys aswell and due with #3 june 26th. My doctor thinks im having a boy but said she still wasnt...
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thanks everyone i wil try all these suggestions.
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Help, When I'm not feeling in the mood to make love to my husband he gets mad and says things like "u only want to ma...
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im still here haha. im a week overdue today. baby just does not want to come out! im having contractions though i thi...
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at my 37 week appointment today my babies head is down and low. my cervix is still closed but very soft, ive been hav...
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my babies head is down, i also feel his hiccups low too!
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