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I had a c-section as well and my son is now 8 weeks. Although df and I had sex at 3 weeks pp with no issues. I to was...
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How long has it been since your c-section? I was sore for about a week with mine and made sure to take my pain meds e...
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Wow! Congrats! Glad all is well with you both.
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Awww congrats!!! Hope they let you eat soon.
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Yay it's almost your turn! Can't wait to hear your princess is here!
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I would also pack both sizes. The morning of my c-section they did ultrasound to check baby position and said he was ...
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I say really think it through before making a decision. Plus your kids are old enough to know and may ask what happen...
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Don't worry Hun your lil girl will be here before you know it! Enjoy your last few nights of sleep.
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Thank you ladies! He is doing great and responding well to antibiotics. I can't wait to take him home!
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Prayers for your lil boy!
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