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i find help in gas x pills they are green and u swallow them . works for me :)
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I got a due date online where u put in your lmp date and it gives you a due date however when i went to the dr and ...
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hard to say normally you dont have a period if you concieve however sometimes inplantation bleeding happens and peopl...
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i went to the er for light bleeding at what i thought was 7 weeks turns out i was 5 weeks they told me i had a blight...
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the whole lmp and u/s dateing still confuses me too this is my 7th baby and I got a bfp july 17th but when i went in...
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maybe braxton hicks contractions ? if it keeps up tell the ob they can send you for a non stress test to measure if y...
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max walter that way he can have granpas name in there but a more now name for first name plus max will be easier to ...
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for some yes totally normal
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Astrid is best but its your baby . just know what ever you pick she has to go to school with that name someday
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