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You could test since you say your late. How many days passed ovulation are you?
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We all feel that way. I've been trying for five years now. I got pregnant in December 2012 and miscarried. Haven't be...
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Taking100mg right now. I've used clomid multiple times over the last five years, ovulated ONCE! Switched to femar...
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Yes could be sign of pregnancy or impending period! What cycle day are you? Or what day past ovulation are you?
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You can start temping your bbt. It's the only sure way to know you ovulated ( except blood work) It might take a f...
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I got a extremely faint line on a dollar store test. I was 14dpo thou. Keep testing Good luck FX
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Hey ladies, I've been using provera for the last 5 years to get AF when I don't get it naturally (rare). I never t...
Hi, I'm in Michigan! The fundraiser has gone really well so far. Bowling fundraiser next weekend. I was intervi...
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Hey everyone! Fundraiser is doing great and has raised $330 in 2 weeks! A friend has a bowling fundraiser set up ...
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That's great! So happy for you! Congrats
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