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Wow, that is fantastic! A viable treatment without interferon? How wonderful that would be to treat without feeling ...
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Good to see Hector still around and helping folks out. A great source of comfort and info. A little dark chocolate...
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Any of the old crew still lurking out there? I am Gauf who treated and succeeded a couple yrs back. Just got word my ...
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For your survey: Treated 3 times and cured on the second go round. Did the 3rd treatment just cause I was bored.
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Checked in just to NYGirls take on Steven Tylar on Idol! I like him, cracks me up.
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Hi, good to see you here. Actually, I pulled that line as an excerpt from a previous post long ago. Does sound a bit ...
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I also took Whey protein powder + Alinia+Coq10+ some other stuff I forgot about. Sheesh. Some combo of this got me to...
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Whey protein isolate.(Muscle milk) This protein boosts glutathione levels and improves the functioning of the immune ...
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Good to see some of the ol' timers still lurking here. I too, still lurk from time to time. Still rockin.
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"The Overton Window" by Glenn Beck
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