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ok then it sounds like early ovulation is common for you! I think you have a great chance of catching the eggie :)
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You're welcome :) I went to you're page and saw that would put your ovulation at cd12... Kind of early especially on...
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I'd say take your morning temp and see if it's rising. I know temping is a pain in the rear, but it's really the only...
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Are you feeling better today? If it persists I would get checked at ER or call your OB for advise. It could be signs ...
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I wouldn't worry about it too much. As long as you are taking prenatles and your OB isn't concerned then you shouldn'...
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ask for referral to a psychiatrist. Your GP is a Dbag. God bless and hang in there
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As of today I still cannot upload pics to any journals I post!! Help?!
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Is there a correlation between eating animal based foods and developing kidney stones?
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My heart just breaks for you. I found some info that hopefully will help you to redirect your focus from questioning ...
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