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congratulations! love you both!!!!
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congratulations Jif!!!!! that is so cool.
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hope you feel betters soon Mark, love to you! xx Meegy
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some of your post confused me ... and im not a doctor. but i was on lithium for ten years. i made a horrible decisi...
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sending you love James. Meegy
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love you James. there is no shame. there is nothing for you to be ashamed of. for what? being a human being? be...
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too too ... cough med addiction is just as serious as any other opiate addiction ... just my opinion, though. I was ...
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Hey Boo idk if you already know the Thomas Recipe Very strong of you to c/t, that is hard ... don't be ashamed th...
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dear Sarah sorry it took me so long to post. I appreciate you and all the support you have given me over the years. ...
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Hi Mark great to see you I will have you and your wife in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Meegy
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