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HCV Advocate (run by all-around Hep C superstar Alan Franciscus!) has a specialist on Hep C and disability (Jacques C...
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Happy happy, joy joy!!!
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Stick with the meetings! Sobriety is selfish because it has to be. You need to think about getting yourself bette...
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My comment wasn't meant to be serious. I am going to invent a sarcasm font a hopefully make lots o' money (this i...
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Check out Al-Anon too. ( or Google it) It is for people living with / dealing with an alcoholic....
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Yippee for Karen!!! Sending White Light, good juju and prayers her way!!!
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47 years if you got Hep C from being a Bad Boy, 46 if not
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Anyone else get low blood sugar when doing something that takes a lot of thinking? My sugar will go low when I am doi...
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I'm pretty sure thet most of us "old-timers" who went through any of the Interferon Based tx's wonder that ("you kids...
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YIPPEE for the both of you!!!
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