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You know sperm can live it you up to 5 days. So it's possible.
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I had my period March 28th through the first and then again April 11th through the 17th. My question is when should I...
Breast milk doesn't come out until a couple days after baby is born. You may have some drops here and there of some c...
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Have sex it Will bring out the contravtions. to dilate
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U can try casteroil its very thixk so try and mix it and quick drink it with orange juice. Mind u it only works if ur...
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Sex and possible membrane stripped when ur able and then sex after that that's how I went into labor good luck
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Put 2 to 3 in vaginally to the cervix and 2 orally. Good luck
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She stripped u have sex. I contracted about 2 hours after but they disnt become heavily strong until me and my hubby ...
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I did with my last pregnancy she was conceived the day after my miscarriage completed. I was fairly big but gained ba...
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You could be but it would be tubal / w ectopic
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