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Not saying this is your problem but people have that problem when laying down for a long time and then standing up, o...
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Way to vague to offer useful advice. See an Eye MD ophthalmologist for full exam. Ask for macular/nerve fiber layer O...
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Based on the K readings you posted I suspect not need at this time
3 answers | 3 comments | rules prevent us from answering specific questions like that. We are not practicing medicine, or establis...
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It is unlikely that the bite will do anything serious to your eye since you got the fire ant out. Problems are mainl...
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The short answer would be the VEGF keeps new fluid from coming into the tissue (like turning off a water spigot into ...
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Answered previously
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Start by reading this article carefully:
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Some of the unhappiest people I've consulted on are myopes, used to reading without glasses, that have IOLs set for d...
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Spa questions are not something I know about.
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