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Great. That is just what we would advise. EWH
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Thanks. I agree with your plans to try to avoid the Internet. It is a major source of misinformation. At the same ...
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1. No, it is not common but it is not unusual for there to occasionally be small amounts of breast milk present at s...
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The tests for gonorrhea and chalmydia provide accurate results at any point more than 3 days after an exposure. EWH
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Welcome back to our Forum. I'll try to help. I'm sorry you continue to worry about this exposure. 1) I keep seei...
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The results of testing following your no risk events are conclusive. You need to move on. There will be no more ans...
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You are correct. I hope my comments have been helpful to you. EWH
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This is a repetitive question. Asking the same question will not change my answer. EWH
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As I have already told you, the exposure you are concerned about did not put you at risk for HIV. I see no need for ...
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I understoond the situation form the orginal post. No change in my assessment or advice. No risk. Thus: 1. Do I...
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