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Hi there, ;p I came off Effexor (A medication close to Paxil) and I cold turkey it. It was horrendous to cold turk...
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I have this! The flashing lights [[[8]]] They go and go.. I thought maybe it was stress !!! I lay down and meditate ...
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Actually... I have predicted some things that happened. Was it a random coincidence? I don't know lol. I always said ...
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Keep going! It does get better... it is NOT a losing battle! Congrats!!!
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I'm new here on the forum ;p I am wondering if I have a sugar addiction ??? I seem to crave sugar all the time. I ga...
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Congrats to you! Hang in there. I know the feeling. I was addicted to many substances over the past 8 years... in whi...
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I find that it can. When I don't get any sleep I'm way worse. I have to get my sleep.
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Keep it up!!! I'm over a year off Hydrocodone and off Klonopin since Feb. Hang in there!!! YOU can do this. Billy.
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