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Yaaaaay!!!!! You did it. I'm so happy for you.
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Congratulations Purplecat! I love your way of announcing with the song. Enjoy your new hep c free life.
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Yaaaaaay! You must feel so good. Wishing you a great new life without HCV to worry about.
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Yaaaaay! You and your hubby enjoy your new lives together. It seems like the whole group we treated with are getting ...
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Congratulations on your SVR in advance. I would have near 100% confidence in a 5 month+ result myself. But if you do ...
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I'm so, so sorry to hear this news and will be praying for Bluebird and her family. Thanks for letting us know Advocate.
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Congratulations Evan, you earned it! I'm glad your side effects are diminishing and soon you'll be at full strength. ...
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Congratulations and hoping your joint pain and stiffness will resolve itself. That's a huge move and it sounds pretty...
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Thank you all for your nice comments and I wish everyone the very best. If you're in treatment, I hope you get result...
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Good for you and looking forward to your SVR post. It took about 5 weeks for my blood work to get back to normal from...
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