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Morphine is not the king of all narcotics you may want to do some research. I don't know what you said in my post, so...
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Hi there! Many of us are friends here. If someone doesn't believe in the friends concept here, they truly don't under...
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Remar, thank you so much, I'm sorry I didn't see this til now. Yes, people comment or they can say this is a bad idea...
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Remar, I am so sorry for your loss. Every day I hear about someone who has committed suicide because they couldn't st...
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Can you explain you are allergic? If not I would just get the prescription and not take it
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I agree, it's getting really bad. Chng.or is good. I too have signed anything that might help us. I've joined some gr...
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Hi there, I am so sorry to just be seeing this. How did your appointment go? You levels are slightly elevated. I hope...
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I'm sorry to hear this, Raysteven is right.
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I tried, here is is again
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Yes, you can buy a pill cutter. I personally have done this. Hope this is ok
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