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So it has been basically a year and a half since my surgery and for a little over a month now I have been experiencin...
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i had my decompression surgery march 13, 2013. they took out my c1 and some bone from my skull and put in a cadaver p...
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This started a few days ago. I've tried everything and thought maybe I had sprained the tips of these two fingers, bu...
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Thank you all for the well wishes and prayers. Everything went swimmingly!
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my treasure this week is getting to see my little brother and sister this sunday. probably the last time i get to rom...
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i kinda get that but its more of a hot flash like, the feeling when you have a high fever. but it only comes when i h...
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sending good thoughts your way sweetie!
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i cant take aspirin because i have surgery next wednesday and my nl said no caffeine
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these cramps are killing me and i cant take aspirin, i cant have caffeine either. so what do i do? what can help?
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it does stink! i have the opposite problem in the shower. the water has to be BLAZING for me to even feel it be luke ...
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