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Well said scottie24
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if it is related to the thyroid, so often the labs show you are "within range" but you actually do have thyroid problem
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It took me many months to get my hmg back to normal. During tx it went right down to 86 and stayed around there for ...
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I have sicca symptoms post eot 20 months that I never had before. In my case it was triggered by the treatment. It m...
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I was warned about having sx during tx. I don't remember being warned about having sx AFTER tx and did not expect the...
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Gender: F
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Gender: Ht/Wt: 5'6" 53kg Genotype: 1b allele C/T VL at start: ...
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Hi Billy. I am 18months post triple tx (6months) with incivek. I had bad anaemia since week 4. My white blood count...
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I had dry mouth during tx and still do. I am using "Oral7" I used to use Biotene till I read the label one day and n...
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Magnesium deficiency can cause the muscle twitching.
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