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I was advised when I was in recovery to stay away from all active users, still to this day, over 3.5 yrs clean and so...
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Hi, I am back, life is good, just been busy, how is everyone, and whats your clean and sober time. My thinking keeps ...
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Well wishes to you. Keep strong and don't give up, you can beat this. Get to some NA meetings for support.
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Congratulations on your clean time, and your post was great.
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Congratulations on 30 days clean, what a great accomplishment. Keep up the good work. Get to NA meetings on a regular...
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First thing that came to my mind was marijuana
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Why don't you both go to AA meetings, and start the twelve step program there. I and my husband have been sober for 2...
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Hi, good wishes to you. No, we are never cured alcoholics or drug addicts. That is what we have to live with, never i...
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yes, so get clean now, it may not be too late.
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Being clean and sober feels great," like being released from prison." I have a total sense of freedom and feel so goo...
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