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Clomid caused me to have an Ectopic Pregnancy (Tubal) :( It was very scary!
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I Love Kieran!!! Kieran David does flow much better.
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Cramping at 9 weeks is very normal. I had all kinds of cramping and it scared the crap out of me. As long as your are...
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TEAM PINK!!!! YAY!!!! 10 Blue 10 Pink All tied up again!!
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I like Brittany Nicole or Brittan Renee
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My Due Date Got Changed to April 21st........ YAY 1 week closer :)
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I have a feeling I'm having a girl. I am 16 weeks and will get an ultrasound on Wednesday. I am hoping to find out fo...
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Do not trust the intelligender test. My good friend took it at 16 weeks and it told her she was having a girl. She go...
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I was told at my u/s sound to cough to get the baby to move. They wanted the baby's chin to come off its chest so the...
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April 28th :) So Excited!
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