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Repost on Dr. Hagan's day. He answers questions on odd days. Dr. O.
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You need to discuss this with your surgeon. There are too many factors to consider. Dr. O.
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You can ask the to do retinal function tests, such as RAM. This a device gives a rough estimate of the visual potent...
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The main question is how much vision will you recover. This depends on how bad the cataract was at birth. I would r...
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I do not know what you mean. Everyone has a blind spot due to the optic nerve. Please ask your doctor about your sp...
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See an ophthalmologist. A GP can not exam your eyes. Dr. O.
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Hole? Is this a retinal tear or a round holes? Holes are not treated. Dr. O.
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wrong forum. Dr. O.
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The main indication for treatment is symptoms. Retinal tears (horseshoes) with symptoms such as flashes and floaters...
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