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I am sorry for my wording. Let me try again. If you do not think they were able to obtain enough tissue for adequat...
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any news?
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what did the report show?
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I am a true believer in being your own advocate. if you feel the biopsy was not preformed correctly, ask for another...
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my twins measured differently throughout my pregnancy. up to 5 days difference. i am sorry things are so uncertain ...
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good luck at yoir u\s.
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wow. I have never heard of such a thing. maybe they pretty sure what the biopsy report will show? My doctors knew ...
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I would run,not walk to a 2nd opinion. it sounds like machine malfunction to me. congrats on your pregnancy! pleas...
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how are things going? this path is not foe the faint of heart. the worry and want we go through is brutal! i am hopi...
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if you are able to carry a pregnancy, you could look into donor\adopted embryos.
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