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Dance - it's a lot funner and great exercise Sitcoms TV shows or Reality TV shows
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Hmmm boneless XD - the ones with the bones in them taste disgusting Rich but sad or Poor but Happy.
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Downwards Both Granite Counters
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Pool - I have never been to the ocean so I wouldn't know Which do you like better? Pepsi or Coke-Cola?
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Well first try to go a sleep a little earlier, even if you aren't tired. Like go to bed around 6 am or 5 am. You shou...
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I hear voices as well, but if the voices tell me to do something bad, idiotic, or immoral I usually tell them politel...
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I guess that makes sense. Seeing as the symptoms started after winter. Along with that I have been eating less becaus...
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You could if he didn't wear a condom.
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What's you favorite book of all time that you could read over and over again with out getting bored. Mine would be...
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Well for about six months now I have felt these sharp pains in my head. They usually make me stop what ever I'm doing...
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