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Multiple Sclerosis Tracker*
for mayperl
*The information presented here should never be used to replace, augment, or change an existing treatment plan under the supervision of a medical professional.
Journals for this Tracker

Dec 12, 2009
Eye pain this morning. Less numb in foot, but still not 100%. My heels aren't hurting :) no pain in the legs or arms today. Maybe it will be a good weekend after ...

Dec 10, 2009
Numb toes and foot, and heel. Pain in right calf - sharp. Blurred vision. Pain in heel and shin. Sharp stabs in head. Ringing in ears/ Tingling on left side when...

Dec 09, 2009
Vision worse than yesterday, eye pain - soreness. When looking through sore eye, little spots of light flicker and dart in all directions. Numbness in toes and foot. ...
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