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Just a quick note to say hi!
Just wanted to let you know I can relate. If you ever want to talk, you know where to find me.
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Hey man thanks for the info & yeah your right living with BP is challenging especially when your on a down.Im still being sorted at the moment getting my valporate levels right.All the docs swear on seroquel & encourage me to take heaps up to 300mg.The thing is your right its very powerfull & I dont think they realise how potent it is as they dont take it.they want me to drop one in the morning!! If Im down iLL load up on it only.Hey did you go to the UFC fights there? thats hardcore A.
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Hey!  You did make me laugh when you said "drop it like it's hot" lol.  I can't imagine dropping anything like that.  Thanks for your notes though, you've cheered up my boring Monday at work.  Well I say boring... got loads to do but don't wanna do it!  Mate of mine is just back from Oz and is filling us with stories of the fab time he had.  How are you then?

Andrea x
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